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As we have never visited the Atherton training centre, we have organised a visit there on 16th April 2020 as part of our day tour program, in the hope that it may coincide with “Caradoc” in training. BUT NO GUARANTEES.

However, this particular centre limits the numbers on its tours to a maximum of 35 people.
**So, make sure your name goes down as soon as possible if you want a guaranteed place! **

NOVEMBER 7th 2019
Visit to the Guide Dog Training Centre
@ Leamington Spa

With a relatively bright and dry start we all enjoyed a pleasurable drive to Leamington Spa. Where the staff and volunteers at the Guide Dog Training Centre were brilliant as always. Whilst informative, the staff are always so relaxed and take the time to make sure all our questions are answered. The tour had some surprising new additions and was superbly informative and entertaining with a newly constructed training/demonstration area which was warmer and more tour friendly than last year. The most enlightening part of the tour for me, is as always, the practical (audience participation) insight into how much we depend upon sight and how insecure and dependent we feel when that is removed. To show our appreciation at the end of the day, the passenger’s donations (incorporated within the ticket price) amounting to £84 was handed to the Guide Dog Team with a fond farewell and our thanks. A superb day was had by all, even though we had a labored return with heavy traffic.

Once again, a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers that looked after us on the day.

In addition, the training centre did find an update on our “CARADOC” puppy (obviously not so much a puppy, now at a year old!) She is doing well out and currently out with puppy walkers in Liverpool. Whilst she is still under assessment, if all goes well and she makes the grade, she should move to a training centre within the next few months. The likelihood (although there are no guarantees at this stage) is that she will go to the training centre nearest to her current location which is Atherton.


Caradoc is out with her puppy walkers and progressing very well towards her/our goals of becoming a fully fledged guide dog.

As many of you already know, in 2017 we raised £1800 for the Guide Dog Organisation. Then with more effort in 2018, we increased this to over £2500.

So meet our new addition, “CARADOC” our very own puppy. 
(The most popular name proposed & voted by you).
She has already started on her destiny to change a life & leave our legacy.

For more information on The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, click here