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Caradoc Coaches & Schools Transport

We are working very closely with Shropshire Council to transport students to and from school in a safe and secure manner. As a minimum we are following all guidelines set out by the council on their dedicated school transport routes, however we are going further with an enhanced cleaning and disinfecting regime.

Hand sanitiser is available to every student as they board the vehicle and we encourage them to use it.

All students over the age of 11 are required to wear a face covering, if your child is exempt please let us know.

As per Shropshire Council’s guidelines, there is no social distancing on dedicated school transport, however, students are to sit in their year group ‘bubbles’ once on board, with the eldest at the rear of the vehicle and the youngest at the front.

All vehicles are disinfected after each trip in the morning and once again in the evening, with all touch points sprayed/wiped with a disinfectant, including seats, seatbelts, grab rails and door handles. Once a week we use a viricidual fluid and ‘fog’ the interior of the coaches – this is done with the air conditioning systems running so that the very fine particules get in every nook and cranny – sanitising the interior and also all filters etc in the unseen parts.

All our drivers will wear a face covering when students are boarding and alighting the vehicle, however, they do not have to wear one when driving.

For the full council guidelines please see https://shropshire.gov.uk/school-transport