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On Saturday 29th February, Caradoc Coaches kick started our day tour and holiday program for 2020 with the charity day trip to Manchester.
On behalf of our charity this year, the Shropshire Blood Bikes, we took 2 almost full coaches called Rosie and Jim. With all the usual entertainment on route, including raffles, name the teddy, guess the mileage and a talk from one of the blood bike volunteers, the trip was a great success raising in total £1203.
The breakdown of the money raised is as follows.
102 seats @ £6 per seat equals £612
Coach Rosie made on the day a further £196
*****Coach Jim made on the day a further £265 *****WINNER
A generous donation by one passenger £100
Donations sent to Caradoc by patrons unable to attend on the day £30
From everyone at Caradoc and the Blood Bikes, we would like to thank you all for a wonderful day and a superb donation to a worthy charity. A special thank you to our one passenger (that prefers to remain anonymous) for their very generous donation.

We are experiencing problems getting into Stottesdon and Bitterley because of flooding and icy roads. Station Road into Stottesdon is exteremly treacherous at the moment with the flood at the bottom and black ice all the way into Stottesdon. If the road is left untreated and it freezes overnight we will not be serving Stottesdon in a morning, the road is just too dangerous to take a coach down especially when carrying passengers.

We are aiming, as usual, to get our 2020 catalogue emailed pre Christmas and postal catalogues sent between Christmas & New Year. The website updates are currently in hand.

More brand new additions to our fleet. 2 x identical twin Temsa’s, one pictured below.



Join us for a day out at the British Ironworks, for the biggest Classic & Vintage Transport Rally.
With live music, food stalls in addition to the superb collection of vehicles celebrating all modes of transport.

Having found a virus in our computerised booking system, we request that anyone with a
ticketed booking for any future tours in 2019, contact us to confirm pickup times.
If you have already been contacted since the 14th May, then please disregard this message.

Our new 2019 addition to the fleet.

Starting out our Day Tours program with our RDA Charity trip to Chester.
CARADOC – providing the drivers, fuel and 2 coaches raised £708 from the ticket prices paid by the passengers.
Further amounts were raised with raffles, auctions, competitions and fun on the coaches:-
OSCAR – £238.89
MAX – £274.05
A total of £1220.94

Norton Motorcycles Tour OCTOBER 11th 2019
due to a change in circumstances we are unable to offer this tour.